giovedì 4 maggio 2017

Tehran International Book Fair

 The 30th edition of the Tehran International Book Fair, organized by Iran Cultural Fairs Institute is taking place . This year Italy is the Guest of Honour and brings to Iran its excellence in publishing and creativity. The chosen theme presented by Italy is " Timeless Beauty " and BCBF17 takes part in this exciting event exhibiting the talented italian artists selected for the 2017 Illustrators Exhibition .
The theme of beauty will be addressed and revisited with illustrations by Andrea Antinori, Maria Chiara Aresti, Alice Coppini, Luca Di Battista, Camilla Falsini, Cecilia Ferri, Caterina Gabelli e Sara Maragotto, Monica Hernandez, Gioia Marchegiani, Elena Maricone, Simone Rea, Laura Savina, Cristina Spanò, Gaia Stella, Daniela Tieni, Arianna Vairo.